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TemperaturePro understands how critical it is to get quick assistance with a broken AC when a heat waves hits the Charlotte or Mooresville area. We are a local air conditioning contractor who helps residential, commercial, and industrial customers with HVAC and AC repair. We specialize in rooftop AC units, too. Whether you’re in need of a new system or seeking professional maintenance or repair services, TemperaturePro Carolinas offers the best assistance with home and business cooling products and services.



We can bring you cool relief today! 

A certified air conditioning contractor can help you maintain comfortable temperatures at home or at work year-round.

Efficient HVAC systems are worth the investment. With rapid advancements in technology, inventors and manufacturers are able to improve energy efficiency by a large margin in a short period of time. In fact, ENERGY STAR reports that today’s high-efficiency air conditioning units are as much as 20 percent more efficient than those made just 10 years ago. While a new cooling system may have a heavy cost initially, it will save more money in the long run.

Check out our comprehensive air conditioning services:

Charlotte and Mooresville Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor

Need help with AC repair or installation for your business? We are well-versed in ventilation, rooftop AC units, chilled water, maintenance, etc. Whether you need a new system, want maintenance, or AC repair, call us for a no-obligation quote.

Your Local Residential AC Contractor

TemperaturePro installs, services, and maintains heating and cooling systems for Mooresville and Charlotte residents. We offer central and outdoor cooling systems at competitive prices. We are known for old-fashioned customer service and leading-edge technology.

New Rooftop AC Units, Service, or Maintenance

Whether your company needs an air conditioning contractor for a rooftop unit or wants maintenance or service on an existing unit, TemperaturePro works with customers who have needs ranging from climate control in small buildings through to large skyscrapers. We have a great reputation in Mooresville, Charlotte, and elsewhere in The Carolinas and we look forward to providing you with a no-obligation quote.

Keep It Cool with TemperaturePro Carolinas

TemperaturePro Carolinas always puts you first. Our industry-leading products and services will surpass your expectations for your cooling needs. Call or contact us today to learn more about how we can get started with addressing your residential or commercial cooling needs today.

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